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Want to really know the easiest way to make money fast online?

Well, the answer might surprise you…

and has nothing to do with how much traffic you can drive, what shiny software you’re using, or even how great the product is you’re trying to sell.

All the real top online traffic and
conversion experts like…
Frank Kern
Amy Porterfield
Gary Vaynerchuk

all agree…

The fastest way to success online is simply having the knowledge and ‘blueprint’ to form an instant bond with visitors who hit your page and turn them into customers FAST.

Look, it’s not just about just having a
valuable lead magnet or awesome

but KNOWING how to instantly communicate that you have one and draw attention to your brand for very little cost in today’s very saturated internet.

This is the #1 thing that’s allowed me to
produce results like this:

over and over.

Check out me logging to my Paypal account live to thousands of dollars:

Yep, it’s not a shiny tool or special method… but good ‘old fashion’ copywriting training.

In fact, I actually use a special ‘blueprint’ I’m going to reveal to you that allows me to write copy & position my products & leadmagnets in a way that converts visitors at an A+ level EVERY TIME… no matter what the niche or product!

By knowing exactly how to write copy, position products, and design pages for sky-high conversions, I DON’T have to pay copywriters $10,000.00+ to have a mega successful launch or lead generation campaign.

Don’t think that writing sales copy at a
high level is the most important part of
your marketing?

Just take it from internet marketing guru and 8 figure marketer Ramit Sethi.

He admitted in a Quora post that he’d gladly pay $25,000 JUST for a solid copywriter!

That’s EXACTLY why guys like him rake in the cash, while everyone else has to fight over the scraps of what’s left online.

You’ll never have a successful product or business online unless you can write A+ copy, or have the money to hire one.

It’s not an option anymore, you’ll just continue to struggle online... no matter what you’re trying to sell.

But here’s the good news…
There’s actually a blueprint to creating high-converting sites and optin-forms you can use right now…

a step-by-step system you can essentially copy & paste on to whatever product you launching or squeeze page your using to guarantee a huge ROI in any niche…

and it’s all outlined it in a secret, exclusive course called:

Conversion and Sales Authority

a premium training course designed from the ground up to take you by the hand, and teach you how to write copy & convert visitors at an A+ level…

that I’m ONLY going to share with LeadLock buyers.

This works for product launches, affiliate campaigns, ecom stores, getting offline marketing clients, and MORE to opt-in to your list and eventually buy your stuff.

And no, these aren’t the same copy and conversion tactics you bought in those other public courses that are peddled around.

I know there’s a lot of fake gurus out there, and if you bought some copy course and didn’t have success with it. It’s not your fault.

Here’s the truth… making money online
wasn’t always easy for me.

I’m embarrassed to admit that when I started out online, I invested tons of money into traffic and conversions tools, but never really saw the money come back.

There’s tons of marketing ‘gurus’ out there selling the latest shiny software, but not the ‘glue’ to put the pieces together.

You know, the medicine you REALLY need to succeed and build a huge list.

My issue wasn’t that I didn’t have the latest softwares or awesome products, but instead, that I didn’t have the ‘know-how’ to understand what I should write or say to get visitors to buy from me or optin to my list!

And the copywriting and launch courses peddled around the marketing community and on popular forums just didn’t cut it.

So, I set out to become a copywriting and conversion master.

I spent thousands with top consultants learning what they did to sell their products so well, and along with my student debt put me in some scary financial situations…

BUT I’ve been able to boil all those tactics I learned into a simple, easy to understand blueprint that’s made me hundreds of thousands online… the exact same blueprint you’ll be getting inside the Spy Stream University course.

Inside Conversion and Sales Authority, you’re going to get 12 detailed training modules complete with videos, exercises, PDFs, and more to help you learn advanced conversion tactics like:
  • - How to position your product and brand like Frank Kern, Ryan Deiss, Tony Robbins and other gurus do to be able to charge 10x more, even if you’re brand new to your niche!
  • The difference between selling ‘opportunity vs improvement’ and how to use the correct one.
  • My secret 31 step ‘copy & paste’ system to write high converting copy/sales letter each time.
  • The exact way to now design your blog/site for maximum engagement and conversions now (Hint, it’s not what everyone’s been telling you to do!)
  • What the ‘perfect optin’ page looks like and needs to have to get sky high conversions
  • The best way to structure your sales funnels to maximize EPC, without being too high-pressure & losing trust of your buyers or sounding too ’salesy’
  • A psychological trick to make it seem you already have the answer to your prospects pain, therefore guaranteeing that they buy from you
  • Why types of sales videos (explainer animation, whiteboard, etc. actually convert best today and which you should use
  • How to position yourself as the ‘celebrity expert’ in your niche, even if you’re brand new and just starting out
  • How to keep your VSL & copy from sounding like a research paper & tips for passing the ‘so what?’ test
  • My secret ‘blue ocean’ position strategy that takes any ‘me too’ product & positions it as a ‘must-have’
  • What ‘the green pastures offer’ is, & why it’s the easiest way to sell to your prospects without them knowing they’re being sold to!
  • How to make your price seem unimportant, no matter how expensive it really is
  • How to ‘get inside your prospects head’ and appear like a friend.. than someone trying to sell them something
  • he perfect lead magnet to use today to build a highly responsive list of email subscribers that converts like CRAZY
and comes in 12 detailed Modules complete with videos, PDFs, checklists, and exercises to make sure you understand the material 100%.
Module 1Authority and Positioning

You’ll learn the strategies guys like Frank Kern use to position their products and businesses to stand out in your industry and command top dollar, even if your selling the same stuff as everyone else and brand new.

Module 2Authority and Positioning Advanced

We’ll dive even deeper to advanced authority and positioning strategies you can use ASAP on your own products that aren’t selling to immediately start making serious money.

Module 3Understanding What to Sell & Who to Sell It To

You’ll learn how to find your ‘customer avatar’ and find exactly who your customer is to tailor or sales copy to their exact pains, desires, and frustrations for unbelievable ROI.

Module 4Creating Your Sales Funnel Perfectly

You’ll learn what a sales funnel is and how to properly set one up for maximum earnings, but not hurt or diminish your brand.

Module 5Setting Up Analytics Correctly

Learn the best analytics tools to quickly find data and which ones are really a waste of your time. Some are essential if you’re really going to convert PPC campaigns today and attract big partners to send you traffic.

Module 6Designing for Top Conversions

Learn exactly what types of design and layouts convert the most visitors today and how to redo your sites to build your list fast, drastically decrease bounce rate, triple engagement, and more.

Module 7Designing For Top Conversions Advanced

WE’ll dive into even MORE advanced strategies on how to design your website, squeeze page, ecom site, and more to convert like crazy.

Module 8Writing Your Sales Copy Part 1

Here, you’ll get my copy/paste blueprint for writing 6-7 figure level copy fast that works in any niche.

Module 9Writing Your Sales Copy Part 2

We’ll dive into even more steps and tricks to making your copy convert at an A+ level every time for any product you ever want to launch or ANY promotion you ever want to do!

Module 10Advanced Persuasion Techniques 1

Now, we’ll get into the really good stuff. You’ll learn advanced persuasion and conversion techniques about conversion and selling that are suppose to be reserved for the big boys only.

Module 11Advanced Persuasion Techniques 2

You’ll get even more persuasion techniques you can incorporate into your sales funnels now. This is the stuff that separates the thousands of amateurs that don’t make it online, from the guys making money hand-over-fist online.

Module 12Branding and Building Advocates

You’ll also learn essential branding techniques to make lasting income over and over, and how to build advocates out of your customers that will essentially help marker you business for you… providing true passive “hands-free” income that lasts.

Everything’s here.

You won’t find a more detailed and comprehensive copywriting and conversions training course anywhere today.

This is the exact material I use to do $300k+ launches and the real top gurus use in their marketing campaigns, too. Nothing is hidden or held back.

You can apply this material to VSLs, sales letters, email marketing campaigns, offline promotions, PPC ads, ecom page descriptions, optin-forms, blog posts, and more.

Just imagine picking out a niche and knowing exactly what products to sell, what copy to write, and exactly how and where to sell the product to make money from day one.

All you have to do watch the videos in the training, follow the paint-by-number steps, and you’ll be able to do JUST THAT.

This is a MUST-HAVE companion to the LeadLock software!

Sure, LeadLock is a groundbreaking software that’s really going to help. But the truth is, if you can’t write your lead magnet headline or FB ad at an A+ level… your potential subscribers aren’t going to make it to your LeadLocked pages anyway.

For example, LeadLock allows you to give away a ‘locked’ lead magnet to stand out from the sea of regular popups and squeeze pages.. but, do you have the copywriting skills necessary to get people to click on your LeadLock link in the first place to even see it?

or how about the copy and ad writing skills to get them to even click on your ad before they get the the LeadLocked lead magnet?

Or maybe you set up a campaign, but it’s not converting as well as you thought. Do you have the skills to be able to instantly look at it and know what to change for fast success?

You see why Conversion and Sales
Authority is SO important now?

Please don’t just buy another awesome software tool, but have no idea what to do to get it to work.

You need Conversion and Sales Authority to fill in the blanks and guarantee any product you want to sell will not just convert, but provide massive, lasting income over & over again.

This is the FASTEST way to
real passive income today…

Do you realize how much time marketers waste redoing ads, creating new products that didn’t sell, or redesigning options & pages that aren’t converting well?

If they just knew how to convert visitors from day one, they wouldn’t waste months or even years having to redo campaigns.

If you can just master this one technique, which Conversion and Sales Authority will show you how to do, you can start profiting in ANY niche you want at lighting speed.

Heck, you could even be a
professional copywriter yourself after
going through this training!

I’m so confident in this training, that I have no doubt you can start commanding $2000, $3000, maybe even the $25,000+ you saw Ramit forking over for a skilled copywriter.

Not only will your own campaigns start profiting, but you can help others who are stuck… and charge a VERY healthy commission to do so!

But You Need to Hurry

Conversion and Sales Authority teaches you some of the most cutting edge conversion and persuasion techniques only a select top few marketers know to easily launch 6 figure campaigns and I DON’T want these techniques to be used by everyone.

That’s right, this course is too important to get into the hands of everyone online and will only be offered as a special one-time-opportunity to those trusted customers who committed to improving their sites & campaigns with my LeadLock software.

So if you leave this page, you’ll never have access to the proven, copy-paste scripts & blueprints that top conversion experts use again.

You’ll ether have to invest thousands into private coaching calls like I had to to master copy & conversion, or fork over the 15-30 k needed for a true top industry copywriter like the big boys do for their launches.

So How Much is Conversion and Sales Authority REALLY Worth?

Like I said, to get this level of copywriting and persuasion tactics you’ll have to pay for one-one-one sessions from conversion experts that can range from $2997 per sessions to even some gurus that charge 20k!

No joke.

A training this comprehensive is easily worth $1997 and perhaps even more, but because I know for 100% certain you bought LeadLock and you’re committed to improving your conversions on a serious level…

you can get LIFETIME access and ability to download all videos & training for the low price of…

Price increases by $97 in exactly:

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Just one tweak to your website or autoresponder message you learn from Conversion and Sales Authority can easily pay for this course and way more.

Plus, you’re backed by our iron clad money back guarantee.

Try our Conversion and Sales University today, use it, and if for whatever reason you're not thrilled by the results, let us know and we will refund your money 100%. Our support desk is ready to help you if you decide you want to use your 30 day money back guarantee.]
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You’ll never again look a blank screen wondering what to write for your copy or or lead magnets again to get visitors engaged and on your buyers list.

You’ll know with 100% certainty what to do to guarantee maximum ROI for any campaign, in any niche, at any time.

Combine this with the groundbreaking software of LeadLock and there will be nothing holding you back.

You’ll be able to dive into any niche and instantly know what to do to start making real money in it. All you have to do is pay attention to the videos and then you can start making money in any niche you choose without wondering what steps to take.

Again, get access now as this is a special one-time-offer ONLY for LeadLock buyers.

You’re not going to be able to get this anywhere else again at this price.

Get Lifetime Access to Conversion and Sales Authority Now

Do you really want to keep going around in a loop buying shiny object softwares and traffic tools you DON’T need?

Look, you know by now it’s not about how much traffic you can drive or even how great you product is! No one, and I mean NO ONE is going to offer you this kind of essential copy and conversion training again.

You’ll get pitched with shiny objects and traffic loopholes from the so called online ‘gurus’ over and over. But, never have the know-how or ‘cement’ to connect all the pieces together.

I suggest you don’t let this one time opportunity pass you by.

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Q: How long do I get access and can I download the videos?
A: You'll get lifetime access to the course and can download all the videos.
Q: Can I hold off and buy this at a later date or maybe get it as a bonus?
A: No, this training will not be offered for sale anywhere else and will most likely never be given away for any reason. You either have to get it today, or miss out.