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LeadLock Alone Doesn’t
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Here’s How to Build Your List and
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Congratulations on your purchase of LeadLock. Now, you’ll be able to build your list and your brand fast by giving away value upfront all while increasing conversions!

But, what if there was a way to put increase your list growth even faster, and potentially 3x the amount of traffic & conversions your Leadlock lead magnets produce?

I’m talking about doing crucial things like:

  • Quickly scheduling your Leadlock magnets to be shared on social media multiple times on 100% autopilot for easy list building right inside your dashboard…
  • Build custom audiences to advertise your lead magnet or promotions to from not just your site, but OTHER people’s sites too…
  • Use gorgeous templates to make your lead magnet stand out and seem more valuable than just plain text inside a PDF…
  • Increase shares of your LeadMagnet on social to not only capture leads, but drive traffic, too…
& more really crucial stuff.
Well, now you can by putting LeadLock on Steroids with LeadLock Diamond.

This is the exact same technology that’s allowed me to take great converting LeadLock & lead gen. campaigns and essentially double the amount of subscribers with the same amount of traffic in no time at all.

In fact, Lead Lock Diamond was directly responsible for filling up this second autoresponder account in a different niche on Convert Kit (different than my Aweber one):

and generating $82,455.56 in about a months time for the ‘warmed-up’ subscribers LeadLock Diamond quickly produced.

See Exactly How LeadLock
Diamond Will Pull EVEN MORE
Subscribers Here:

You’ll be getting all the amazing features and white label training course inside LeadLock Pro, but also some essential features to help put your LeadLock campaigns on steroids including…

Social Media Lockers
Add social media lockers like Facebook, Instagram, Pinterest, Twitter, and more to increase shares of your LeadLock magnets, build your social profiles or get shares for a specific image!
LeadLock Auto Scheduler
Build your list on autopilot. Really. With this feature you can schedule your LeadLock magnets to post to social media multiple times a day on autopilot all from right inside the dashboard
Custom HTML Lockers
With this very special locker, you can add or embed any element you want inside your LeadLock lockers.
Link Retargeter (Huge)
Build a retargeting list for Facebook or Google by just referring a link you create. That means a visitor can visit ANY page, not just ones you own, and be added to your custom audience. Wow.
Lead Lock Custom Image Center
Save hours of time by creating images you can integrate or share inside your LeadLock campaigns with this custom image & logo creator
7 DFY Gorgeous Templates
Increase subscribers significantly with these ‘fill-in-the-blank’ gorgeous LeadMagnet templates that integrate right with LeadLock Diamond. Stand out from the sea of boring black text on a white PDF magnets other people will be using.

and far more!

AND you don’t want to have to
compete against LeadLock buyers
who upgraded to LeadLock Diamond...

If you don’t get LeadLock Diamond, you’ll have to compete against buyers who have key advantages like better, more professional looking LeadLock leadmagnets in your niche…

or the ability to get their LeadLock magnets in front of more eyeballs faster and cheaper with the Social Poster and Link Retargeted (this means they’ll be taking your potential subscribers).

You don’t want to have to make more work for yourself, do you?

Plus, for the next few minutes, you’ll
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LeadLock Diamond, too.
Limited time, exclusive LeadLock Diamond Bonuses include:…
1. LeadLock Diamond Insane Whitelabel Image Collection $397 Value

Use this gigantic set of hundreds of .pngs, .psds, jpegs, & more images to integrate right into your LeadLock lead magnets or embed straight into LeadLock Diamond. Quickly make your reports seem 10x more valuable and drastically increase conversions fast.

2. LeadLock Diamond ‘Ultimate Lead Magnet Training’$197 Value

Want to know what to write or say in your niche to create the ‘ultimate lead magnet’ that converts like crazy? Use this training to figure out in the fastest time possible what exactly you should give away in your free report to maximize engagement and leads fast.

‘AutoResponder Madness’ Training $297 Value

Sure it’s one thing to collect tons of email addresses legally like you will be with Lead Lock Diamond, but how do you actually make tons of money from those subscribers? With this powerful training, you’ll learn what email headlines works best, how to run profitable autoresponder campaigns, what’s working now for email affiliate marketing, and tons more!

But you need to act now…

Because I need to be fair to the early adopters of LeadLock Diamond to let their campaigns stand out over others, I simply can’t allow everyone to get access at this incredibly low price.

So, if you’re seeing this page, you can get access to LeadLock Diamond as a special one-time-opportunity ONLY.

That means that if you leave this page, you won’t be able to get access to this offer again, along with all the bonuses.

Upgrade to LeadLock Diamond and Build Your List 10x Faster than Regular LeadLock Users

Again, you’re getting the same amazing technology and training regular LeadLock customers got, plus the ESSENTIAL upgrades needed to shave off weeks of time and build your list the fastest way possible in the smallest amount of time.

One Time Payment, No Monthly Contracts or Restrictions
Try LeadLock Diamond today and use it to build your list far faster and increase profits significantly. If you’re not 100% thrilled by the results, we will refund your money 100%. Our support desk is ready to help you if you decide you want to use your 30 day money back guarantee.
LeadLock Diamond Developers License,
No Monthly Payment Option

Yes, LeadLock will help you build your list quickly with a groundbreaking new method, but there’s ways to build your list even faster and for a lot less.

You really need the Diamond upgrades to do things like…

  • Make your lead magnet look far more high-end and professional to increase conversions drastically with the templates
  • Drive autopilot traffic all day to your LeadLock magnets with the scheduler
  • Increase your social growth with the custom Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Pinterest, and more social lockers.
  • Have the ability to embed or use LeadLock for anything you need with the custom HTML feature, not just capturing a subscribers information, to get your full money’s worth out of the software
  • Save literally weeks of time creating the lead magnet in the first place with the special Instant Lead Magnet pro plugin you’ll get along with LeadLock Diamond
  • Increase your ROI by 7-11x with the ability to create retargeting audiences from ANYONE’s page, not just your own. And do it instantly with the built in Link Retargeted module…
  • and so much more.

With Lead Lock Diamond… you’ll know exactly what to do to build your list fast in any niche starting from day one. All you need to do really is make sure to log into the software, watch the tutorial videos, and press go.

Save yourself the extra work and headache, and upgrade right now while you still can to LeadLock Diamond.

Q: Are These Extra Features Really Essential to My LeadLock Campaigns?

A: You don’t have to have these features to still build your list with LeadLock, however, if you value extra time and want to save significant money in your campaigns, then these features will really help. If you think about it, you only really need one sale from the hundreds of extra subscribers you’ll be getting with LeadLock Diamond to pay off the cost so it’s really a no-brainer type decision.

Q: Do I Still Get All the Features on the F/e Version of LeadLock?

A: Yes, you’ll get all the features & training found with LeadLock Pro developers license plus the extra ones seen here. BUT you must have bought the front end offer of LeadLock lite or LeadLock pro for this to work. If you didn't buy the front end offer and skipped to this page instead, your account will not be activated correctly.

Q: I’ll be able to think about the upgrade and come back to this page when I’m ready, right?

A: Sorry, but LeadLock Diamond is really just a one-time-offer and the price will actually increase in a few hours. Plus, we will have to take down the page completely soon as to ensure the customers who bought get amazing results and stand out to add to our proof.

"Sorry I don’t want the LeadLock Diamond License and choose to hurt my
list growth and not use LeadLock to it’s full potential…”